Dustin Cormier

Yoga Teacher

Dustin Cormier is a youtube artist, musician, and aspiring Yogi and Astrologer based out of Whitby, Ontario, Canada. He has been working at factories and other odd jobs for years to fuel his fascination with love, art, literature, spirituality, healing, yoga, and vedic philosophy. Dustin’s general philosophy of Yoga is one of liberation and Self-realization, a formula predicated on the dual approach of yogic ecstasy and quiet, meditative introspection. 

In his opinion, Hatha Yoga means awakening to joy (tha) in practice (Ha). Practice involves the resolution of neurological tensions in the body and mind (ecstasy), which give way to a reflective and peaceful heart (meditation). When a practice is seen in the light of enjoyment, the practitioner gains the space and capacity to fill every experience – on and off the mat – with the nectar of mindful awareness and passionate presence. Dustin encourages experimentation in the laboratory of one’s own senses to be the arbiter of truth for every individual’s experience of what Yoga is for them. 

Realization is not the acknowledgement of reality, but the careful dismantlement of illusion – for the truth is already in your heart.