Life is not always easy.  We all have our struggles, and I'm no different. For most of my life I've battled anger issues, and mental health issues, as well as the usual stresses that day to day life throws at us.  I was in an unhappy marriage, not really satisfied with my work life, and was just generally an unhappy person. Things started to change for me about 12 years ago when I began studying martial arts.  I started to see the world, and myself, much more clearly, and I began working on my emotional health as well as my physical health.  Through my martial arts training, as well as a daily meditation regimen, I've learned how to let go of the past, and not allow the day to day stresses of life to get me down.  

I've now been studying martial arts for around 12 years, and I've been teaching for around 6 years, but as a man who just recently turned 50, my body doesn't bounce back as quickly as it used to.  That's where yoga comes in.  I attended my first yoga class almost a year ago, and immediately loved it.  I knew I had to make it a part of my life, and when I found Zenergy, I knew I had found the right place.  Doing 3-4 yoga classes a weekhelps my body bounce back from the rigours of martial arts training.  It helps me emotionally and spiritually and I wake up each day with a sense of optimism.  It helps me stay mindful and aware, and helps me stay focused on what's really important.


“Fire transforms matter into energy, reminding us that all things pass and change. In the end we are each consumed by the flameless flames of life, so act bravely...” Laws of Spirit – Dan Millman

I am grateful for my courage and strength to show up and be “seen” which the practice of Yoga has gifted me, not just on the mat, but off the mat in life. 

I have been asked to write about my Yoga journey and what I want to share is that Yoga has given me the tools to live a healthy life. It has given me a way to deeply connect with myself, work through many trials and tribulations, helps me to soften my mind, strengthen my body and open my heart to all that life has to offer.

I have been managing a Mental Health condition since 2002 and Yoga has been my greatest medicine, and continues to support me with balancing my mood and energy, calming and soothing my spirit and manage the everyday stressors that come my way....When life is “too” much, Yoga is my sanctuary. 

Yoga has taught me to be a more gracious, kind and loving person and to have a greater perspective on life. It has taught me the sacredness of each breath and how breath is our way to come ‘home’ to ourselves in any situation. Through the practices I have learned how to have a greater awareness of all things and experiences in life which has “gifted” me the ability to move through life’s challenges with grace and ease, breath by breath, knowing that all things change and hard times don’t last forever.

Through a recent medical crisis I was able to apply Yogic philosophy including surrender and acceptance to a variety of ‘less preferred” circumstances in order to rise above, allowing the situation to wash over me like a great wave, breath by breath.

Yoga lives inside each an every one of us and it unites Body, Mind, and Spirit so that each individual can live a more peaceful and harmonious life. 

So enjoy your practice,   

Samara Francia