Linda Cooper

Yoga Teacher / Meditation Teacher / Life Transitions Coach / Journal Instructor/ Writer

Linda is a teacher of introspection guiding her students on an inner journey through the practice of yoga, meditation and writing. With a background in counselling and contemplative studies, Linda’s holistic approach is one that honours the mind, body, and spirit, as she holds the space for individually directed experience and insight.

By combining asana with the breath and the written word, Linda explores the intention behind all action, facilitating awareness of the spiritual through the physical.  As a teacher of Yoga and Meditation, a Life Transitions Coach and Writer, she works to bring this inter-disciplinary study into the practice of daily life both personally and professionally. 

Linda is the founder of Inward Bound, where she assists clients to navigate their vision of change; a process of transition through to transformation, she supports her clients to create the synergy necessary to communicate between their external and internal realities; bringing awareness, intention and focus together to overcome the fear of change, in order to live in harmony with their true self.