Yoga Teacher

Through nearly 20 years working with seniors in long term care, 20+ years volunteering with people from all walks of life at New Acropolis, and recent 200-hour yoga teacher training with Alx Petrogiani, Lorinda's lifelong devotion is to the awakening of consciousness, the meaning of life, service, healing, and the alleviation of suffering. She offers a deep, two-fold approach: philosophy (love of wisdom) and yoga (liberation and realization). In other words, diligent daily practice of the timeless teachings of East and West to express the best of oneself & to build a better world; and diligent daily practice towards the profound internal encounter with the Eternal. In the quest for authentic being, each person benefits from an evolving practice suited to his/her rhythm, needs, priorities, and circumstances, supported by a welcoming, affirming and challenging learning environment.

" … we will be trying to know the ultimate laws of being - the laws of its transformation, the laws of how to die and how to be reborn again, the laws of a new order of being." - Osho