Krista Moore

Yoga Teacher / Channel / Healer

Krista’s practice as a Spirit Yoga teacher includes her unique gift of spiritual channelling, so that every nuance: body, breath, movement and sound, awakens something magical within. 

Guided by Krista as a spiritual channel, yogi and metaphysical hypnotist, you will journey into the heart of your soul, clearing the past, and receiving healing energies and singing/sound vibrations called “Angelic At-tune-ments” that lift you into the Light.  She holds sacred space for you to experience the Light, transform through higher states of consciousness, and heal through Wisdom and Love.  

Yoga is the final piece of her healing puzzle, bringing together the instrument of the physical body with the ethereal nature of the soul and Spirit.  Her YTT 200 training with Alx Petrogiani and her Full Immersion into Spirit training with Elizabeth Rose provided a strong foundation for the creation of a Spirit-driven yoga practice.

Now sharing “what is most beautiful within to who’s in front”, Krista will inspire you along the path to a more miraculous life. 

Much Love,

Krista Moore