Mary is a nutrition expert with a PhD from the University of Toronto. Mary is a former Vanier Scholar whose research has been published in prestigious medical journals and has helped influence public policy at City Hall and Queen’s Park. In addition, Mary is an avid science communicator who is devoted to spreading the word about the importance of eating-well as a means to live optimally. She has appeared on CBC (TV & radio), CTV, CP24 and Global News. She blogs at



Nicole specializes in getting her clients out of pain so that they can get back to living their lives and doing the things they love to do.   She continually strives to find new ways to challenge and encourage her students and uses her knowledge to assist her students to improve functional movement to manage and correct chronic pain.  She is a Certified Yoga Therapist, Somatic Educator Level 1, Hatha Yoga and Pilates Mat and Reformer Teacher. Nicole has developed a unique and highly effective mode of rehabilitation that utilizes the principles and traditions of Yoga and Pilates and Somatic Education, called Yoga/Pilates Rehab.  After 7 wonderful years as Co-owner of East Village Yoga, Nicole moved into a Private Practice in Yoga/Pilates Rehab getting her clients out of pain with Yoga Therapy and Somatic Education and developing their core strength and flexibility with Yoga and Pilates.   Nicole is a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists and has been studying how to get bodies out of pain through movement and mindfulness since 2005.  She has a degree in Sociology from York University and has spent over 10 years working with young families as a Childbirth and Post-Partum Care Doula and Lamaze Instructor before venturing into the world of Yoga/Pilates Rehab as a way of resolving her own pain after a back injury.  Nicole is a strong believer in the benefits of combining mind, body and spirit in every aspect of fitness. Her passion for teaching combined with her warmth and caring fosters trust and empowers her participants to build the skills and competency to get out of pain and achieve personal gains when under her care.



Melanie turned to yoga after the birth of her second child in 2008, and in what she thought would be an outlet for peace in a chaotic world, she instantly found a purpose. Finding balance within, she also created balance in life and in motherhood, propelling her to hone her love for yoga through Hatha and Yin Yoga under the mentorship of teacher Gayatri at Bodhi Tree Yoga in Kemptville. Since then, she has continued to invoke the practice, studying post-prenatal yoga as well as Functional Anatomy, driving her on her first spiritual journey to India in 2012.

During her most recent trip to India in 2014, where she graduated from the 300hr Akhanda program with teachers Gayatri, Kamalika and Prem, she was also granted the name Om Shanti by Yogrishi Vishvketu, meaning “vibration of peace and calm” and all those who have practised in her presence attest this as truth. Om Shanti transcends yoga as a physical practice, exuding joy and serenity in each breath, and imbuing each class with a feeling of self love. Her passion for yoga, and her ongoing journey are reflected in her teachings, providing a nurturing experience free from doubt or limitation.

Now a mother of 3, Om Shanti brings her teachings of motherhood into each class, and her teachings of yoga into her everyday. “Yoga has taught me to breathe in everyday situatuions and be present. I bring these qualities off my mat and into my role as a mother. Being a mother has taught me to be grounded and humble, I take these qualities back to my mat”. In this spirit, she permits herself to guide her students with a playful heart through all levels through Gentle Hatha, Restorative, Yin, Akhanda, Hot yoga, pre-postnatal yoga and has even bestowed her light and love for yoga within her own family tree.

Having faced adversity and surmounted the strains of life and the egoic self, she embodies the spirit of the Divine Lotus. “Out of the muddy waters grows the most the most majestic of flowers. She grows beautifully, undamaged by the murkiness around her... pure, strong and simple. From here, she bestows prosperity unto all who carry her in her heart” - Om Shanti
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Katerina is a Yoga Therapist, Yoga Alliance certified Holistic Akhanda Yoga Teacher, Yin and Restorative, Pre- and Post-natal, Hatha, Vinjasa and Meditation Teacher, supported by Bachelor’s degree in adult and children education and MBA in Management. She provides holistic and therapeutic approach backed-up by Psychological and Pedagogical education, knowledge of Ayurveda principles, understanding body-mind connection and a deep interest in Vedic philosophy.

She has been working with those experiencing abusement, suffering with depression and anxiety, major chronique illnesses and some disabilities, as well as with hospice terminal patients.

With a background in Management Consulting (having worked in Russia, Europe and North America), she possesses facilitation skills acquired through years of being a Change Manager, certified Business and Psychology Trainer (in different challenging environments, as well as in hospitals), showing the ability to bring a multidisciplinary  approach to the work. Being born in between East and West, her life work is to combine the most holistic principles of the both worlds and support them with loving presence. 

Katerina combines the role of a therapist with a role of a happy wife and a mother.



Nicole tried her first ashtanga yoga class as a university student 16 years ago.   She became intrigued by the beneficial calming and body awareness she experienced after the class and kept going back trying various other types of yoga.  

Nicole has maintained a dedication to the practice of yoga both on and off the mat.

Nicole is the mother of two children and maintained a yoga focus throughout both pregnancies and births which assisted with an inner practice of maintaining a calmness through a variety of postures and breathing.

In 2012 Nicole's 7 year old child was diagnosed with a terminal illness.  Despite Nicole's pain and grief she intuitively turned to yoga as a way of seeking a deeper spiritual awakening through the philosophy of yoga theory and practice to cultivate peace and acceptance within.  Nicole then pursued her 200 hour teacher training becoming certified to teach Akhanda yoga (wholistic hatha).

At the present time Nicole works as a Public Health Nurse supporting families during pregnancy and who have young children.  Nicole incorporates various yoga philosophies into the care and support of families in a calm and compassionate way of providing support that they need.

Nicole is truly honored to be on this journey to share her wisdom, love, compassion recognizing that yoga balances body, mind, heart and soul.



Shawna Fujiki is a certified 500 Hour Yoga Teacher,  Pre/Post-Natal,  and Yin Yoga certified.  She has been teaching at Balanced Life Yoga since 2007.  Currently teaching Power Yoga style classes, Mom & Baby Yoga, Mom & Baby Barre and Stroller Fit blends perfectly into her life as a mother.  With her athletic background and niche as a Yoga for Athletes teacher, Shawna brings a motivational energy into the yoga classroom.  Her passion for Therapeutic Yoga and Foam Rolling, blend into her classes along with a caring clear focus on ensuring safety and working within one’s own limitations. She currently teaches at Balanced Life Yoga and are very blessed by her ongoing support and friendship. 



Susan is a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and has helped improve the lives of hundreds of clients over the past several years through her insight, compassion and skillful guidance. She specializes in teaching her clients how to deal and cope with difficult people, stress, negativity and lack of self-confidence.  Susan also lectures on the fundamentals of hypnosis, the features and benefits, plus how and why it works (for any audience that will listen, and as General Manager of In The Spirit Yoga Studio, there are many opportunities).

As co-author and facilitator of “The G.I.F.T.” (Going Inward For Truth) Seminars and Workshops, she’s truly an experienced and dynamic keynote speaker.   Her presentations, sprinkled with humour, educate her audiences on the benefits and advantages of hypnotherapy as an alternative healing modality, and bring love and light to all who are open to listen and learn.



Alvin is the CEO and founder of The Centre for Healing and Peak Performance (TCHPP), a multidisciplinary wellness and peak performance centre located in Pickering, Ontario, Canada. He is also the founder and CEO of the sought after Integrated Peak Performance Consulting (IPPC) certification program, a mind and body peak performance training system, getting elite performers to move from good to peak performance. Alvin is also a passionate international speaker and author of Journey to Personal Greatness, Mind, Body & Soul: A Blueprint for Life Balance & Self-Mastery.