Vicky Petrogiani
Yoga Teacher

Vicky is an elementary school teacher of over 20 years, and brings to her yoga classes the experience as an professional educator. She describes yoga as an intense awakening of the mind, body and spirit, to understand the true of ourselves through the journey of self-discovery, self-healing, and self-love. Vicky continues to regift the passion of her yoga through community events that support various charities in durham region. She is activity involved in her foundation, Yoga for Hope, raising awareness for at-risk girls and orphanages in Peru.

“The teachings of yoga speak to us of what it is possible to be.” ~ Ranier Maria Rilke


Helen Handspiker
Yoga Teacher, Martial Arts / Self Defense Instructor

Helen has studied and practiced a truly unique style of Yoga with her teacher and friend LefteriAlexander in both Canada and Peru. She teaches from several traditions and integrates elements of energy work from her twelve years of martial arts. She is a warrior of love and light both on and off the mat. Most recently, she has earned this reputation by spending time teaching young women yoga and self-defense, both locally and internationally. Helen has been working at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre for over twenty-one years and feels Yoga has helped her maintain a positive perspective in the women’s and babies high risk pregnancy clinic. She’s dedicated to helping, healing and guiding others through study, practice and heartfelt training.

She believes that when body and soul come together in harmonization and vibrate on the same frequency it is truly a beautiful place to be.

Tony McQuarrie
Yoga Teacher

Having successfully completed his RYT200 certification at In The Spirit Yoga’s inaugural YTT program (2015). Tony continues the journey of learning and sharing the gift of yoga knowledge with all who are ready. 

Finding peace, balance and harmony in this lifetime can be difficult, but with discipline and following the philosophy and practice of yoga… it IS achievable. His goal is to help you reach your goal. 

Yoga is science…”if you wish to understand the Universe, think of energy, frequency and vibration”.  Nikola Tesla

Linda Cooper
Yoga Teacher / Meditation Teacher / Life Transitions Coach / Journal Instructor/ Writer

Linda is a teacher of introspection guiding her students on an inner journey through the practice of yoga, meditation and writing. With a background in counselling and contemplative studies, Linda’s holistic approach is one that honours the mind, body, and spirit, as she holds the space for individually directed experience and insight.

By combining asana with the breath and the written word, Linda explores the intention behind all action, facilitating awareness of the spiritual through the physical.  As a teacher of Yoga and Meditation, a Life Transitions Coach and Writer, she works to bring this inter-disciplinary study into the practice of daily life both personally and professionally. 

Linda is the founder of Inward Bound, where she assists clients to navigate their vision of change; a process of transition through to transformation, she supports her clients to create the synergy necessary to communicate between their external and internal realities; bringing awareness, intention and focus together to overcome the fear of change, in order to live in harmony with their true self. 

Trudy Chislett
Yoga Teacher

Trudy Chislett is a passionate kids and teens yoga teacher with a gentle kindness that radiates when she is teaching her young students.  As a Holistic Practitioner and Birth Doula, her skills and knowledge gives her the ability to integrate a holistic approach in guiding her students both at practice and in their daily lives.

After completing her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training, Trudy recognized the need to develop and implement a unique yoga program with children and teens as the focal point.  Furthering her studies, Trudy has participated in a weekend Teacher Training workshop, obtaining her certificate from The Yoga Sanctuary in Toronto for Kids to Teen Yoga Teacher Training. Principles of Love, Kindness, Peace and Compassion are emphasized in everything that is taught and embodied, both on and off the mat.

Tara Willoughby
Yoga Teacher

A former amateur boxing champion and coach, Tara first turned to yoga as a compliment to her boxing training. Even after she retired from the sport, yoga continued, becoming a constant in her life and guiding her to her true purpose - to gift back all that yoga has given to her. Tara completed her RYT-200 teacher training at In the Spirit Yoga and has a certification in Restorative Yoga. Tara’s classes provide a safe space for students to take an inward journey of discovery through movement, mantra and meditation; realigning each centre back into balance.